batman happy birthday card
My cousins made me this birthday card. “Justice is served.” Photo (c) anxietybug88.

Well, here it is. 27. Honestly, I’ve felt 27 for some time, and if anybody noticed, I accidentally listed myself as 27 on this blog a month ago. Wow… I’m more than a quarter of a century old now.

Being 27 isn’t so bad; it’s saying it out loud that freaks me out. I still feel like I’m a part of that college age group, the one that’s still fresh with youth and the high of finally turning 21, because somehow you feel like more of an adult when that happens. But then there’s the knowledge that I’ve gained that surpasses age 21. I guess you could call it wisdom.

I’ve never been one to have too much common sense, but there are some things I’ve learned in my almost three decades of life.

  • The stupid decisions you made when you were younger don’t have to haunt you forever. There are plenty of things in my life that haunt me, and I’m working on letting those things go. I didn’t think I would be able to, but I can feel some of it starting to slip away. It gives me a bit more hope for the future.
  • The experiences you’ve had will help others. No matter how terrible or wonderful your life may have been, you will find at least one person in your lifetime that is going through the exact same thing that you did. Whether it’s helping them through this troubling time, or celebrating with them in a triumphant moment, you will have that solid connection and know exactly how they feel.
  • There’s always more to learn. You will never reach an age where you know everything (unless you count your teenage years). You will never wake up one morning and say, “You know, I don’t have any questions about life today. I have nothing more to learn.” I learn something new every day. I am constantly being educated by those I connect with, and it’s great being able to learn from them.

Today’s birthday won’t be much different from any other, but I take solace in the fact that I’m a year wiser. I’m going to have fun today, spend time with family, and bask in as much love and celebration as I can. But the greatest gift I have received are the lessons God has taught me. Through Him, I’ve been able to grow in so many ways. I’m healthier and happier. That’s all I can really ask for.

2 thoughts on “Turning 27 – What My Age Has Taught Me

  1. Happy Birthday Amber…remember age is just a number. So… Dance like no one is watching, Sing like no one is listening, and Live like Heaven begins tomorrow. Have a wonderful day!!!

    1. Thanks, Jan! I try to remember it’s just a number, but sometimes the body aches remind me it’s physical too. haha

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