As I sit next to my cousins’ cat, who is sitting in the chair next to me, I’m struggling for a line of words I can’t seem to grasp. Maybe it’s his heavy nasal breathing and huffing that’s distracting me. Maybe I’m out of words. But I’m pretty sure it’s the cat.

scooter cat chair
Look at him, not giving a crap. Photo (c) anxietybug88.

It’s really difficult to think of anything to say about mental health when your head is going off in a totally different direction. My dad’s cancer surgery is today at 5:45 am. But I promised I would do a blog post every day this month, and I really hate breaking promises.

Everything hurts from my muscles tensing. I’m just balled into knots, and waking up this early is somehow harder than usual today. I’m a morning person now in my old age (I’ll be 27 in two days… I’m practically ancient). My bones feel heavy. It’s something that takes getting used to.

Scooter (the cat) seems to be as slothful as I am right now. He, like many other cats, makes a habit of laying about, usually in the way, sleeping the day away. Today he looks like he’s melted into the floor, er, chair, and I’m really jealous of him, actually. Cat’s don’t have worries like we do. To my knowledge, they have no responsibilities except making it to the litterbox in time. Funny enough, though, cats, dogs and other animals get depression and anxiety like we do.

Well, not exactly like we do, but animals can suffer from these things, along with behavioral disorders stemming from either abuse or neglect. Fortunately for Scooter, he’s mentally sound and has no particular worries on his mind. He’s pretty zen. Maybe he has his days, but for the most part, he is content.

aunt uncle backyard house
My aunt and uncle’s backyard. Lovely view. Photo (c) anxietybug88.

I like to imagine how nice it would be, not having worries and stresses. Not waking up each day wondering if you’re going to feel good or not. Having a certainty of what your day is going to be like is severely underrated by those who get to enjoy those days most every day. But I guess I have to be grateful for what I do have. I have a wonderful family (though things were extremely rough for a time), faithful friends, and for now, a companion kitty who just likes sitting by me.

I also had the night to spend in a household full of godly love and fellowship. It’s like a spiritual retreat. My cousins are so well-behaved and awesome. They do more housework than I do, and they’re 11. My aunt makes the most delicious food (her guacamole is to die for), and my uncle makes excellent coffee. I realize it sounds like I love my aunt and uncle for the food and drink, but I love them most because they’re just great people. And they make good food and coffee.

I’d better wrap up. Coffee is ready. It’s Starbucks, so I feel like I’m betraying my Caribou roots (I used to work there), but as long as it’s strong and caffeinated, I am content. I’ll post again after my dad’s surgery is done. See you lovely lot soon!

2 thoughts on “The Cat Is Breathing Heavily (And Other Morning Musings)

  1. My prayers are with you and your family. I’m sorry your dad is going through a rough time. My grandma battled Cancer so I know it can be hard to watch. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    As for Scooter, he’s adorable! I find it funny and cute that he matches the chair so well!

    I also know what it’s like to wish I didn’t have so much anxiety and to look around and wish that I could do things easier like other people. It can be hard not to think this way, but I would never wish anxiety on anyone and I know that if I continue to work hard, I can get through this. So can you!

    1. Thanks a bunch. 🙂 Sorry it took me so long to reply. We had to get up at 2:45 am today, so I’ve been sleeping in the waiting room. lol Thank you for your prayers!

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