Hey, guys. Sorry for taking so long to report on my dad’s surgery. It was a super busy and exhausting day, and I didn’t get much of a chance to blog. I was also up for almost 21 hours straight, so I just crashed when I got back to my aunt’s house.

My dad’s surgery went very well. The only thing that went “wrong” was that he had to have his gallbladder removed, but it wasn’t because there was anything wrong with it. It was just in the way when they were trying to cut the spots off of the liver, and just to be safe (since it was touching the spots), they removed it. It showed no signs of cancer, but they felt it was best to just go ahead and take it out.

My dad spent two hours in recovery before being taken to his room, and he slept most of the day. The nurse we had was super awesome. Her name was Jennie, so naturally I quoted Forrest Gump every time she came in the room. She loved it. We got along famously.

I can’t promise that I will make a timely blog post tomorrow, as it is my birthday. But I will do my level best to get one out to you as soon as possible. It’s back to normal Monday, as my dad is getting out of the hospital tomorrow. He could have done so today, but he wanted to stay one more day just to be sure (I’m pretty sure he wanted to be pampered by the nurses a little more, too).

Alright. Time for a nap. I’m still feeling the effects of yesterday’s long day.

2 thoughts on “Good News! – Dad’s Surgery Results

  1. I’m so happy everything went well! Happy early birthday! I hope you have a great one!

    1. Thanks! I think my aunt is plotting to make something extra special for me, although I’m not sure what. Whatever it is, it’ll be delicious!

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