identify your audience blogging 101

Um, I’m guessing you guys?

Okay, that was a weak joke. But it’s what my blogging assignment is today for Blogging 101. Let me quote a little bit of the assignment just because they explain it better than I do:

“We often create posts hoping that someone in particular will see (and appreciate) our work. Today, publish a post you’d like that person (or people) to read… Even if you’re simply blogging to have a place to practice writing, there’s someone you’re hoping will read. Maybe it’s your dad, so he’ll finally understand your life choices. Maybe it’s the head of Random House, so she’ll skyrocket you into literary limelight. Whether serious, frivolous or purely hypothetical, focus on your dream reader and write a post — about anything — aimed at him or her.”

…alright. Now I just figure out who I want to write to. Who would I most like to read my blog that hasn’t already? I’ve already had the honor of having a couple of my posts read by Marya Hornbacher, but who else would I desperately want to read my blog? Who would I want to read it, but could only ever dream that they would?

Some people I know may think that I’d choose Tom Hiddleston or the love of my life, Gary Oldman (if you don’t know who that is, I will send you all the Gary movies I have and you will WATCH THEM). Some others might say I’d choose Batman, but unfortunately he’s not real.

I thought about it quite a lot, and I’ve decided that the reader I want to read this blog the most is…

…the outcast. The bullied. The down and depressed. The person on the edge of leaving this world because they think they have nothing to live for. I want to be that word of comfort that touches their heart, the one who lifts them up again when they can’t stand on their own.

“You. You are the reason I’m alive. You are my mad scramble, my call for help, the me I once was. You are my inspiration and my terror. You are the shadow on the wall beside me, and I want to touch you. I want to hold you. I want to feel you breathing and know you’re still part of this world. I want to pull you back from the tides that would sweep you out into the dark.”

But I can only hope that person will read this blog. I can only hope they listen and choose to stay. It would make me truly happy if I could help that person realize that life is very much worth living. Really, I don’t even need them to tell me. I just want them to want to live.